BladeFLASK Scalpel Blade Remover

BladeFLASK Scalpel Blade Remover

BladeFLASK Scalpel Blade Remover

An update of the world standard in single-handed scalpel blade removers.

Recent studies have shown that scalpel cuts are 6 times more likely to occur than needlestick injury administrators have underestimated the likelihood of these injuries2 . These cuts can happen experienced you are in handling scalpels, and can result in infections, blood-borne diseases and injuries could require microsurgery to repair digital arteries, nerves and/or tendons.

The Qlicksmart BladeFlask EVO can accommodate even more types of scalpel handles and blades including large autopsy scalpels, thick and round handles, even hexagonal shaped versions – giving you gr want. It is so simple to use with just one hand. Embrace safety with the new standard in scalpel blade rem

ies1 . Regrettably, many users and clinical to anyone, including you, no matter how psychological distress. Even worse, serious

eater freedom in using any scalpel you ovals.

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